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Many people regard socks as something you just put on your feet, but socks are so much more than that.

It's about quality, materials, traditions and which exact ones match your outfit. All these areas we try to address here. 


Which material should you choose?

The difference between cotton and combed cotton?

The difference between cotton and combed cotton lies in the process. Where plain cotton is spun into yarn immediately, the first step for combed cotton is to This causes the short fibers and any impurities to disappear, leaving behind only the long, fine cotton fibers. This makes the combed cotton very soft and extremely durable. All our socks are cotton socks.

SockiSocki's socks shrink approx. 1% after the first wash when washed at 40 ° C.

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The cotton sock

The cotton sock is an exceptionally comfortable sock to wear. What’s more, the cotton sock was the first real sock. Cotton is very pleasant to wear and is very durable, which means that they don’t wear out as quickly. Therefore, you enjoy your cotton socks for a longer time.

Other advantages of choosing cotton socks are that cotton provides a lot of stretch. They are less likely to cause tightness and discomfort when you wear them but still fit snug on the feet. Similar to wool and bamboo socks, cotton’s known property is to carry sweat away from your feet.

A cotton sock can also be washed at higher temperatures than other socks without wearing out as quickly.

We have also made our popular sports socks as cotton socks as they are comfortable to wear while playing sports. As mentioned earlier, cotton fits snugly to your feet without producing discomfort. They move sweat away from your feet so you can concentrate on your sport. Given this, we would absolutely recommend these socks for those who participate in sports.

All our socks are cotton socks, which come in solid colours and in a variety of smart patterns, which can be worn on an everyday basis, at work and especially at parties & gatherings.

All our socks have been integrated with a push button, which allows you to lock pairs of socks together before throwing them in the washing machine. This way you prevent your socks from disappearing in the wash. According to a study, it’s a little known fact, that we lose on average 1.3 socks a month in the washing machine?

Clothing style and socks

What socks match your personal clothing style? Are there specific rules for this? When it comes to everyday clothes, there are no rules other than those imposed on you by your boyfriend/girlfriend, wife or husband.

Jeans type

If you are the type that prefers jeans, our colourful socks will look super cool. A patterned sock fits perfectly with a pair of smart sneakers, a pair of jeans or a pair of nice shorts. Pick out a colour from your shoes and match it up with a sock to create your desired look.

Suit type

If you are the type who wears a suit at work, a patterned sock will be what gives the suit the chic look, a bit like you do with a tie. Are you more the casual type who is not into the vibrant colours,then we have our classic men's socks, which you can see here, or the solid-coloured socks, which laid the foundation for our business concept.

Smart socks with the unique button system

We stumbled on the idea for the sock integrated push button when we recognized a common everyday problem. Specifically, the problem affected solid-coloured socks. It was often difficult to find two similar, matching pairs of socks after washing. We also discovered, that socks tend to disappear in the washing machine. The solution was the innovative push buttons which allowed socks to be attached together. This way, matching socks could now be paired together - both before, during and after washing. Thus, one could now avoid spending time looking for socks that were missing, or figuring out which socks were “eaten” by the washing machine.

The sports type

If you are the sports type, we have a choice of two socks for you - but boy what two socks!

Here we are talking about classics in the grand scheme of things. One is the black sports sock we probably all know. Our model comes fitted with a red button, which sits discreetly on the sock’s cuff. This is a super comfortable sock to wear when being active on the football field, in the sports arena or wherever else you do sports. 

The other is a well-known classic sock from the 80’s: our white sports sock with the blue and red stripe at the top of the sock. This is a sock, which we can just as well call a retro sock, as it is clearly making its subsequent debut in fashion. Again - a super cool sports sock.


What traditions surround socks? The most well-known sock tradition must clearly be to cut the tip of the grooms socks during the bridal waltz.

But why does one do this? The tradition dates back to the 19th century, and it relates to the expressio

Hence, the groom - if he is to stick to tradition - must wear green socks on his wedding day.

Socks in the sandals

The ugly "tradition", if you can call it that, is clearly socks and sandals. Socks and sandals have long been termed outdated - and perhaps the most obvious definition of bad taste. However,  various high-profile fashion houses have stated that socks and sandals are on their way back. So if you are going to be a “first mover” this summer - or next summer - then you best hurry down to your local shoe store and pick up yourself a pair of sandals, and then visit our web shop to find the ideal sock. 

Sizes of our socks

At SockiSocki we offer two ranges of sock sizes. The first is called 36-41, which is a sock with a lower shaft - not to be confused with an ankle sock, which is a short sock. We mostly sell ankle socks to women and older children/teenagers.

The next size is called 41-47. It is undoubtedly the sock with the most designs. These socks are mostly men's socks.


All our socks are created based on our own unique designs. Therefore, we are 100% confident in the quality of our socks. Whether you are into black socks or colourful socks, we offer a an extensive selection. Our shop offers the option to buy socks in a multipack, which saves you a bundle when purchasing from us.

The simple socks are an obvious choice for a more discreet, subtle appearance.You can also choose to wear a plain pair of shorts, knowing that a pair of colourful socks will always freshen up your look.

Why have we chosen this particular blend in our socks?

  • 80% combed cotton - is chosen to ensure a fine and smooth surface & guaranteeing its durable quality
  • 17% polyamide - makes the sock extra durable due to the strong properties of the polyamide
  • 3% elastane - ensures the sock easily adapts to the foot and stays on as intended.


Our socks are sewn with 2/30 thread. Using 2 x 1/30 threads ensures that the quality and durability of the sock is top notch. This is very important to us, as we would like our customers to be able to feel the difference when they put on a SockiSocki socks.

The factory in Turkey producing our socks, uses machines with 168 needles. This gives the sock a myriad of different design options, which is something that we greatly benefit from when producing our socks. At the same time you get a more fine-mesh sock that lasts longer.

All our socks are made with hand linked toes, which gives your toes free movement without an uncomfortable stitch where it doesn't need to be, at the toes. The unique design allows you to use our socks all day, whether at work or playing sports, without noticing you have them on.

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Kids socks

Children are often significantly more active than adults, and it is precisely for this reason that their footwear must be in check. Children's socks must ensure that their little feet can breathe. Foot hygiene is important for kids, which is why we recommend purchasing cotton socks as a starting point. Cotton maintains healthy foot conditions and nurtures our wellbeing.

If your child's comfort is to be top-notch, take a peek at our kids sock selection.


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Men's Socks

Take a look at our large selection of men's socks made 100% of cotton, which ensure the optimal comfort for your feet. The material is extremely breathable, which means, among other things, that you will rarely feel your feet sweat. Our socks are therefore fitting for men who do not want to compromise on comfort of day-to-day life, but who desire the best.

Whether you work in an office, attend an academic lecture seminar or play sports, we certainly have men's socks that fit any given situation or occasion. Other than the classic men’s socks which come in black, white and grey, we believe that there is a desire to bring a little colour and nuance into peoples day to day lives. It is therefore, you will find a wide selection of men's socks in an assortment of colours and colour combinations, so you can really take your sock wardrobe to the next level. 

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Organic Socks

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Socks for Women

At SockiSocki you will find a large selection of soft, beautiful socks for women, which makes everyday life more pleasant. We believe that socks should be a priority in the wardrobe, because if the feet are comfortable, the rest of the body will be also.
We are aware that design is important, which is why we offer a wide range of coloured as well as
dotted and striped women's socks. All our women;s socks are typically available with a short shaft.,
In Denmark, to match the Danish climate, we often need a larger selection of socks than you would
need in warmer countries - as it is typically only in the summer months that we can walk barefoot.
If comfort is to be top notch, you require a larger selection of socks in your wardrobe in order to be
prepared for any season, event and occasion.
Our women's socks are made for women who do not want to compromise on comfort and quality..
The material makes the socks light and breathable, which promotes good foot hygiene.
Furthermore, our women's socks are well suited for both everyday use and sports related activities.

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