Fun and colourful socks


Fun socks - Make life more fun

What are fun socks? Fun socks are not only socks with playful motifs, fun socks also include colourful socks. We have a wide selection that you can see in our shop. Here you can see a selection of our designs.


If you are into floral patterns, these two socks The White Keanu and The Blue Keanu will excite you. The pattern was inspired by a flower which blooms in Hawaii. This flower is one of the most brightly coloured flowers in Hawaii which is why we chose to include it in our designs.


Other fun socks that happened to find their inspiration from Hawaii are Green palme and Blue palme. The name behind these two socks unmistakably suggests the inspiration for the design, namely palms. Green Palm was derived from the actual color of the palm, whereas Blue Palm took its name after a slight color modification, which produced a wildly beautiful result.


If you need some fun socks to wear to a party, our "Cup" socks will without a doubt be the best choice. The inspiration for the sock comes from numerous youth films, where these classic red plastic cups are often used. The red cup is hence the motif. This sock comes in 4 colours Sort, Blå, Grøn and Hvid and they all come with our innovative button as a design feature.


One of our most popular socks is CAMOU which comes in 4 different colours. CAMOU has a super cool design but is still discreet enough that it will go well with a suit. This sock is for those who have a fresh outlook, are open-minded and not afraid of a little colour in their wardrobe.

Check out the 4 colours here - Blå, Grøn, Gul og Mørkeblå