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Visionen bag SockiSocki har været at stoppe irritationen med enlige strømper efter vask.

Two years ago we decided to find a solution for all the single socks people are left with after a tour in the washing machine.

Most families spend a great deal of time sorting socks after they've been washed. This in large contributes to a waste of resources as many socks are never paired again.

After countless evenings of sorting socks, we decided to find an easier solution to this problem.

Some of the concerns we were met with when we told family and friends about the idea were that it should be simple and not a nuisance when wearing the socks.


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The solution was a clever button that could hold the socks together during washing and drying.

The inner side of the button is flat to the touch so that it does not irritate the skin when wearing the socks. Numerous tests were conducted on a range of footwear so we knew we could vouch for this innovative solution.

The outer part of the button functions as the actual component which holds both socks together in the wash. We opted to make the button in several colours choices so that it will fit the overall design of the sock and not only be functional.

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We learned of a family-run business with three generations of experience in the production of  quality socks. In them, we found a partner who is just as passionate as we are about delivering perfect solutions to our customers.

This family demonstrates genuine passion in the work they do and the product they deliver. That same passion we share for our idea.

This unique collaboration has created SockiSocki - socks that will stay together forever.


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